Energy Solutions

Energy Efficiency and conservation play a large roll in controlling your energy costs. But what's the difference?

Conservation occurs when we reduce total consumption of electricity, often achieved by simply turning off anything that consumes electricity when not needed.

Energy efficiency occurs when we replace or upgrade the essentials in our lives (e.g., appliances, lighting, insulation), allowing us to realize the same benefit with less electricity.

To find out how you can make your home more energy efficient and begin changes to conserve, do your own online energy audit using our Home Energy Calculator.  You might be surprised at what you'll find! Then take the results and make some changes around your home.  Together We Save is a web site devoted to demonstrating how you can reduce your energy usage and also has an online energy audit tool.

The cumulative effect of such small steps in homes and businesses will have a direct impact on our nation’s entire electric grid – reducing demand during peak periods, cutting emissions, and lowering overall costs to co-ops and consumer-members. Not to mention energy efficiency helps manage load growth and delays the need to build new electric generation facilities.

America’s electric co-ops are working with public officials at all levels to identify and adopt achievable and balanced solutions to climate change. Even though energy efficiency and conservation alone won't solve our energy problems, it's a quick and easy way to start. Energy consumption will continue to increase, but by using electricity more efficiently, we can slow the overall growth for more power.