Operation Round Up

SRE Trust Group App

SRET Individual App

When applying for funds, please submit 15 copies of the application and all supporting documents to:

Southern Rivers Energy Trust, Inc.

P.O. Box 40

Barnesville, GA  30204


Applications for the May 21, 2014 meeting must be received by May 7, 2014. The Trust Board meets bi-monthly starting in January. Please make sure you are using the most current version of our applications, listed above.


One of the Cooperative Principles that governs Southern Rivers Energy is "Commitment to Community" and this program demonstrates that principle, beautifully. This innovative program is an easy way for you, our members, to make a big difference in your community by providing financial assistance for charitable and educational projects within our communities without lifting a finger.  

Operation Round Up® was originally started by Palmetto EMC, a co-op in South Carolina and has now been adopted by a number of co-ops in Georgia. This program is designed to assist a variety of worthwhile community, youth, educational and environmental programs.

List of Recent Grant Awards

The maximum amount an individual may receive is $2500 and the maximum amount an organization may receive is $10,000. Applications may be submitted once every 24 months. Funds will not be granted for general operating expenses including utilities.

Click here to view a PDF of our revised Bylaws.

Click here to view a PDF of our revised Funding Guidelines.

Only one group per Tax ID number may submit an application every 24 months. So school systems or county entities applying under the umbrella of the county's or the school system's tax-exempt status can only submit one application every 24 months, i.e. one school or county organization unless the group has its own tax-exempt status.

How does it work?

Each month, your electric bill is "rounded up" to the nearest whole dollar amount with those extra few cents going into a separate Operation Round Up® fund. So, if your bill is $87. 23, you will actually be billed an even $88.00 and the extra 77 cents will go directly to the Operation Round Up fund. Doesn't sound like much, does it? And, if you figure the average member will only contribute approximately $6.00 PER YEAR, it still doesn't sound like much - until you multiply that $6.00 by about 10,000 members and that adds up to a lot!

Of course, all contributions are tax deductible. Any individuals or organizations seeking assistance through the Operation Round Up® must submit 15 copies of an application (which can be downloaded at the top of this page) that will then be reviewed by The Southern Rivers Energy Trust, Inc. Board of directors at their bi-monthly meeting.

This is a voluntary program and our members can sign up or opt out at any time by contacting our office at 770-358-1383 or toll free, 877-358-1383.

The program at Southern Rivers Energy began in November of 2005 and currently an estimated 60% of our members are participating in the program.

The Trust is governed by a separate Board of Directors made up of community volunteers that were nominated by the Southern Rivers Energy Board as follows:

Kelly Hughes, Chairman - Barnesville;

Steven Yerkes, Vice Chairman - Meansville

Brenda Hunnicutt, Secretary - Lizella;

Bob Wiggins, Treasurer - Forsyth;

Don Dixon - Lizella;

Jack Floyd - Byron;

Frank Fowler - Woodbury; 

Rusty Lanier - Concord;

Barbara Minter - Barnesville;

Dale Simms - Culloden;

Jeanie Travis - Barnesville