Payment Options

Bank Draft Authorization(.pdf) - Print, sign and mail this form to our office to give us permission to draft your checking or savings account for the amount of the bill. All we need is the checking account number, the routing number, and the name of your banking institution.

eBill or Online Bill Pay - To view or pay your bill online you must first contact a Customer Service Representative and set a password during normal business hours (8:00 - 5:00 Mon-Fri) at 770-358-1383 or toll free at 877-358-1383. After setting up a password you can easily pay your bill from work or at home with the click of a mouse!

Levelized Billing (.pdf) - This is offered to any residential consumer's home account with a satisfactory credit history. Southern Rivers Energy will take an average of your bill over the past twelve months, and you will be billed the monthly average. To take advantage of this billing option, one year of service is required. This application will need to be printed and signed then mailed to our office.

Operation Round UpĀ® - On November 1, 2005 we began a new program which allows members to have their bill "rounded up" to the nearest whole dollar amount with the extra change going into a charitable fund governed by a separate Trust. This is a voluntary program for our members but if you do NOT wish to participate, you will need to Contact Us so that we can remove your name from the list. If you DO wish to participate, you were automatically included starting November 1st of 2005. For more information on the program, visit the Operation Round Up section of the My Community page.

Project Share - We offer the Project Share Program for our consumers. A consumer can donate a set amount of money to this program and we will bill his/her account monthly. All funds collected from our consumers will be sent to the county where the consumer resides. This insures that the funds will be used for needy causes in their neighborhood.

Laser Billing - The monthly bill issued to each consumer is a fully detailed and informative bill. A complimentary return envelope is also provided.

Credit Reference Letter- A credit reference will be issued immediately upon request for all consumers. It may be faxed or mailed to the location requested.