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April is Lineman Appreciation Month

Southern Rivers Energy Celebrates National Lineman Appreciation Month

Georgia’s electric utilities, including Southern Rivers Energy, have set aside the month of April to honor the brave men and women who keep our electricity flowing all year round.

What was a one-day observance has been extended to an entire month.

“One day is not enough to thank our linemen for the essential part they play within our communities and our members’ lives every day,” says Michael McMillan, President/CEO of Southern Rivers Energy.

“These men and women have an extremely dangerous job and encounter many hazards every work day,” says McMillan. “They often face treacherous weather conditions while they work through ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods to restore electricity.”

To further ensure their safety, business leaders, EMC members and lawmakers in Georgia recently passed House Bill 767, a new law that requires motorists approaching utility linemen at an active work site, as indicated by traffic cones or flashing yellow, amber, white or red lights, to change lanes or reduce their speed to a reasonable and proper speed below the posted speed limit. If a motorist fails to comply, he/she can be fined up to $250 per incident.

To show your appreciation, and as a sign of respect and support, please take a moment and thank a lineman for the work he does by visiting, Facebook or Twitter @southernrivers.

Use #ThankALineman to show your support for the workers who light up our lives and dedicate themselves to getting the job done regardless of the conditions.


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