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How to Read your Statement


1. Account Number

Please make a note of your number. You will need this if you call or go on our website for more information about your account.

2. KWH Use

A “kilowatt hour” is a unit of measurement for energy, the same way a “gallon” is a measure of water or gas. The kilowatt hours you see on your bill reflect the amount of energy you’re using for appliances, heating and cooling, lighting and more.

3. The Charges Making Up Your Bill

This includes optional programs you participate in, such as Operation Round Up©. It also includes taxes and yard lights. This section details your previous balance, payments, adjustments, and current charges.

4. Payment Cut Off Date

This is the day that it would be scheduled for disconnection. It is also the day that your next reading will be. Your bill amount will be available two business days after this date.

5. Your Service Address

You can use this to show proof of residency for school systems or to renew your driver’s license.

6. Bill Amount

This amount shows you what is due now and what the bill will be after it is late. It also gives the date that it needs to be paid by to avoid late fees.

7. Your 13-Month Energy Use Summary

This new bill feature lets you compare your current energy use to the previous 12 months. It also shows how many days are included in the billing period. If there are more days in the period, your electric use may be higher. Less days may cause your use to be lower. Additional reasons for higher consumption may be an addition to your household, a seasonal change (pools, house guests, Christmas decorations), or a well plumbing leak that needs to be repaired.

8. Notes

This customer message changes monthly for customer service bulletins and seasonal announcements.

9. Reconnection Information

This section lists reconnection fees and gives details about when you should make a payment to avoid late fees or disconnection.

10. Late Fees

Information about late fee rates and how late fees can be avoided is displayed in this area. If you are enrolled in our payment draft (card or checking account) programs, the amount that will be automatically deducted from your account will appear in this section.

11. Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up is Southern Rivers Energy’s charitable foundation. The program “rounds up” a member’s bill to the nearest dollar and that amount (which is completely tax deductible) is donated to local charities in our service area. All funds stay in the community to benefit the members of the cooperative. This optional donation is in addition to your bill. Adjust your payment accordingly. Learn more about ORU.

12. Bill Stub

This is the portion that is mailed back to the office with your payment. Payments should be made payable to Southern Rivers Energy and sent to PO Box 40 in Barnesville, Georgia 30204.


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