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Scammers Targeting Local Businesses

Monday, May 8 - Several local auto businesses have been targeted today by scammers threatening to disconnect their power if they did not submit immediate payment on a past due bill. Please be advised that while Southern Rivers Energy does make courtesy calls to members who are subject to disconnection for non-payment, we call the day before the account is scheduled to be disconnected in order to give our members time to make the payment. 

The scammers making calls today claim that someone is on the way to disconnect service and payment must be made immediately. The caller ID shows the call is coming from an "unknown number" and they are instructed to call this number: 888-432-6101 ext 1800 to make the payment at which point the message says "You have reached the billing and disconnection department." Southern Rivers Energy is a local cooperative with a local phone number, 770-358-1383 that is recognized by caller ID and our answering message verifies that you have reached Southern Rivers Energy.

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from your power provider, first check the caller ID but sometimes even the caller ID can be faked so always compare the number with the customer service number on your most recent bill or check the company's website.

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