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Why is my Bill so High?

Why is my Bill so High?

A Closer Look into Southern Rivers Energy’s Energy Saving Tools


Southern Rivers Energy offers members several tools to provide an accurate picture of your energy use. Josh Hendricks, Energy Services Representative advises members to look at the last 13 months to see the bigger energy picture. Southern Rivers Energy uses AMI meters, allowing members access to daily and hourly usage data. “Members can access their energy consumption on our mobile app. This tool allows you to focus on the kilowatt hours (kWh) listed on each bill and compare it with a daily usage graph”, explains Hendricks. “Weather conditions affect your bill even if you don’t change your energy habits. To download SRE’s mobile app, search the app store for ‘SRE Mobile’ and call customer service at 770-358-1383 to set up your user name and password”.


Compare Seasons

To determine your base load, or the minimum energy needed in a home, choose a month when no cooling or heating takes place. For most homes on our system, that is May and September. These lower bills can provide you with an idea of the energy needed to operate appliances, lighting, and water heating for the home. When comparing that to winter and summer months, it conveys the effects of heating and cooling costs, which is often the cause for concern. If these amounts fluctuate greatly due to electric heat and cooling costs, you may want to consider speaking with Customer Service about levelized billing.


Your Home and Lifestyle

Comparing your bill with that of your neighbor’s does not provide an accurate image of what your energy use should look like—heating and cooling systems, insulation, appliances, and many other aspects of your home must be considered. Our online Energy Advisor, found in the Energy Resource Center, provides you with estimates of energy use costs based on your inputs and allows you to perform energy saving scenarios to pinpoint high use areas. This DIY energy audit tool is designed to assess your home based on the size of your household, recent additions like a pool, types of appliances, recent guests, and changes to your lifestyle. Determining these factors can provide a better picture of your energy consumption and identified opportunities for savings.


Energy Solutions Center stores a wealth of information on everything you need to know about saving energy and money. Still not sure why your bill is high? If you have reviewed the above information and still feel you may have a bigger problem, please call our office at 770-358-1383.


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